Fantastic Four

Title: Fantastic Four
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 6/28/2005
Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four comes to the next generation! Following the imaginative retelling of the Fantastic Four movie, the game allows you to play as each member of The Four. As Mr. Fantastic, you’ll use your mind-bending intelligence and body-bending elasticity to stretch through physical and digital space. Disappear as Invisible Girl, and use martial arts skills to take out bad guys and telekinesis to move objects with your mind. Fire it up with the Human Torch, scorching everything in your path and shaping fire with your hands. Or use the brute force of The Thing to tear through walls and pummel your enemies. Switch between members for dynamic team-based combat, or join up with a friend for Fantastic co-op action!

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