Made Man: Confessions of the Family Blood

Title: Made Man: Confessions of the Family Blood
Publisher: Aspyr
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 3/27/2007
Congratulations. You’ve just been Made. Now all you have to do is survive the most notorious crime organization around, the mafia. Made Man scraps cinema-style theatrics for the real thing, featuring third-person action storylines from best-selling mafia expert David Fisher and an actual Mafioso, retired Bonanno crime family head Bill Bonanno. The duo’s created a storyline spanning three decades, from the war-torn jungles of Vietnam to the urban jungles of Brooklyn. Use two weapons at once, enhance your awareness with picture-in-picture views, and utilize the environment with a Jump-To-Cover mechanic. Made Man also features melee combat, stealth, destructible environments, thirty years of licensed music, and more.

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