Disney’s Meet the Robinsons

Title: Disney’s Meet the Robinsons
Publisher: Buena Vista Games
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Family/Party
Release Date: 3/26/2007
Time is on your side in this game based on Disney’s Meet the Robinsons. Change the past and control the future as the time-traveling Wilbur Robinson. It’s up to you to save the future – without changing it – in this thrilling adventure! Solve puzzles and battle enemies as you chase the evil Bowler Hat Guy and his robotic hat, Doris, through multiple timelines to stop their evil plan. Explore super cool spots like ancient Egypt, the Robinsons’ mansion, and more on over 40 missions. Use goofy gadgets like the Charge Glove, Disassembler, and the Levitation device. Challenge friends in the action-packed Charge Ball mini-game and much more!

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