Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat – uDraw

Title: Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat – uDraw
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Wii
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 11/15/2011
Overview: You’ve battled with your favorite Super Heroes. You’ve defeated enemies and used their awesome powers. Now, you can do it with a new weapon – an artist’s pen! Draw your path through a Super Hero Squad adventure based on six comic book-style stories using your uDraw tablet. Control Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, and other favorite Squaddies by drawing inside the game world to target attacks, create barriers, and more. You can even trigger an earthquake by shaking your uDraw tablet. Visit Super Hero Squad locations including the Baxter Building, Helicarrier, and Sanctum Sanctorum as you try to foil a plot by the diabolical Dr. Doom!

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