Professor Layton & the Last Specter

Title: Professor Layton & the Last Specter
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: DS
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 10/19/2011
Overview: For the fourth installment in the franchise, Professor Layton starts at the beginning. Learn how the Professor met his assistant Luke in a story set three years before the start of the Layton trilogy. A letter from an old classmate sends the Professor to Misthallery, a town that is being threatened by a giant. Layton and his assistant Emmy investigate the disturbance, which may tie to a legendary village tale of a specter. To crack this case, you’ll need to solve more puzzles than in any other Professor Layton game. Play smart, and you’ll unlock a gigantic bonus: Professor Layton’s London Life, an RPG filled with 100 hours of extra gameplay.

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