Rogue Warrior

Title: Rogue Warrior
Publisher: Bethesda
Platform: PS3
Genre: Shooter
Release Date: 12/2/2009
The unthinkable has happened. War has erupted between North and South Korea. And you’re caught behind enemy lines. You’re outgunned, outnumbered, and completely cut off from friendly forces. Lead your team back over the South Korean border without alerting your North Korean enemy in team-based tactical combat. Whether you’re playing the single-player campaign, four-soldier co-op, or 24-person online multiplayer, you’ll enjoy complete freedom to take on objectives as battle demands. Maneuver through prison camps, shipyards, submarine depots, and other never-before-seen North Korean environments. The tactics and weapons have been developed and chosen in conjunction with real Navy SEALs, so the action is as real as it gets.

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