MLB Slugfest 2006

Title: MLB Slugfest 2006
Publisher: Midway
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 6/6/2006
Looking for a little friendly competition on the diamond? Forget about it! This is Slugfest, where Major League Baseball gets larger than life and America’s National Pastime goes extreme. Slugfest batters don’t just hit homers. They blast moonshots. Slugfest outfielders don’t just shag flies. They reel in circus catches. Slugfest baserunners don’t just touch the plate. They lower their shoulders for bone-crunching homeplate collisions. Choose Season, Playoff, or Challenge Mode and get ready to unleash withering heat with turbo pitching, drill opponents with bean balls, and go in spikes-first to break up double plays. Slugfest’s ’06 edition includes the franchise’s Create-A-Team feature, and, for the first time, adds a Create-A-Player option. Batter up!

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