Karaoke Revolution Party

Title: Karaoke Revolution Party
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Music/Dance
Release Date: 11/9/2005
NOTE: Xbox microphones and headsets are sold separately and will not be included with this rental or purchase. A Xbox headset or microphone is required for gameplay.

Karaoke Revolution Party adds even more life to the party than ever, giving you a chance to not only sing, but to dance to a collection of 50 body-movin’, crowd-pleasin’ party hits. Choose from tracks that range from sing-along classics like “Sweet Caroline” to recent favorites like “Crazy in Love.” Grab the mic and steal the spotlight in team games, duets, head-to-head battles, and mini-games, or put your vocal skills to the test in the all-new KR Challenge. Your on-screen character is fully customizable. Pick just the right face, body, clothes, and accessories that’ll propel you to party superstardom. With more multiplayer and party modes added, the fun never ends!

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