Tinker Bell & the Great Fairy Rescue

Title: Tinker Bell & the Great Fairy Rescue
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Family/Party
Release Date: 9/22/2010
Summer vacations are always magic, but never quite like this! Join Tinker Bell and her friends for a trip to the English Countryside where a new adventure awaits. Visit Fairy Camp and fly through a variety of locations in search of a rare Rainbow Lily. Customize your own fairy with her own talents, hairstyle, outfit, and more. Complete quests, solve puzzles, and play mini-games. Interact with Lizzy, the first human Tinker Bell ever met, and work with your team of fairies to create a magical summer in the country. Go online to send postcards, upload items, and more in a special Pixie Hollow online community.

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