Painkiller: Hell Wars

Title: Painkiller: Hell Wars
Publisher: Dreamcatcher
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Shooter
Release Date: 7/24/2006
You were once Daniel Garner, a regular guy who met a grizzly end in a horrific car accident. Now in the afterlife, you’re stuck somewhere between heaven and hell, and your judgment day has arrived. An unholy war simmers in the Underworld, and you’re forced to fight for your own purification. Face an endless onslaught of hellish beasts in this pure first-person horror shooter. Combo weapons deliver blistering primary/secondary assaults. Collect 66 souls and morph into a possessed creature. The proprietary PAIN graphics engine combines with the Havoc 2.0 physics engine to create an unparalleled visual experience. Online play available for up to 16 players.

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