The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition

Title: The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition
Publisher: Koei
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 3/2/16
Overview: A battle between two witches has been brewing for over a hundred years. Metallia, the Swamp Witch, is finally fed up. To defeat her longtime rival, the Forest Witch, Metallia summons the legendary Hundred Knight to battle for her. In this stage-based action-RPG, you take control of the Hundred Knight to explore the world and take part in the feud against the Forest Witch. Hack and slash your way through the magical land of Medea. Find the hidden Pillars of Temperance and help spread Metallia’s swamp throughout the world. As you do this, you’ll have to figure out whether your master, the Swamp Witch, is on the side of Good or Evil. The Revival Edition has new textures, lighting, and models for PS4. The Tower of Illusion is a new area where you can earn powerful loot, find catalysts to upgrade your weapons, and even play as Metallia.

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