History Legends of War: Patton

Title: History Legends of War: Patton
Publisher: Maximum Family Games
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Release Date: 11/23/2012
Overview: Go inside one of history’s greatest military minds in this intense turn-based strategy thriller where you’ll lead America’s Forces to victory in WW2. March your men across Western Europe, taking them along the same path outlined by American General George Patton. Execute Patton’s strategy as you fight German forces in turn-based play where the fate of the world could turn on any decision. Take on four overall Operations comprised of 21 different missions with objectives including Sabotage, Infiltration, Defense, and Attack. Strategically deploy the specialized sniper, bomber, and commando units that are at your command in two Single Player modes and a variety of Hot Seat Multiplayer challenges.

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