Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Title: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PS3
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 2/4/2013
Overview: Sly Cooper and his gang of thieves are in for a job so big, they’ll have to travel through time to pull it off! The crafty raccoon is living a low-key life of leisure. His buddy Bentley has been trusted with guarding the Thievus Raccoonus, the volume that holds the marauding exploits and skills of the Cooper gang. When Bentley begins traveling through time, pages from the Thievus Raccoonus start disappearing, and Sly is called back into action to track them down. Go on a time-traveling stealth-action platform adventure with Sly and his band of merry misfits. Solve puzzles and wear new costumes that unlock new moves in battle in a hilarious story that’s cross-compatible with PSVita.

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