Pikmin 2

Title: Pikmin 2
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Release Date: 6/9/2012
Overview: Return to the whimsical world of Pikmin as the GameCube puzzle-adventure classic gets updated for Wii! Captain Olimar, his company in trouble after a space bunny attack, needs to find treasure to pay off a massive debt. With the help of your assistant Louie, round up an army of cute, colorful Pikmin and journey through a magical world. Choose your recruits from a variety of different-colored Pikmin, each with special powers that will help you discover riches, defeat enemies, and reach new areas. Two new types of Pikmin have been added, along with reworked Wii-friendly controls and an all-new co-op or head-to-head split-screen Multiplayer Mode.

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