DMC: Devil May Cry

Title: DMC: Devil May Cry
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 1/14/2013
Overview: DMC: Devil May Cry reboots the stylish action franchise with a darker edge and raw storyline that cuts to the core of Dante’s struggle in the face of his demon-slaying powers. Haunted and hunted by demons his entire life, the son of an angel and demon has nothing left to lose, and that’s bad news for the creatures of the Underworld. Summon Dante’s angelic and demonic powers instantly to string together combos in stylized shootouts and swordplay that stay true to the franchise’s roots. You’ll send demons back where they came from in action sequences that unfold like ballet, if ballet was filled with bullets, blades, and explosions consuming everything in sight.

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