Nicktoons MLB 3D

Title: Nicktoons MLB 3D
Publisher: Take Two
Platform: 3DS
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 3/5/2012
Overview: Big league ball players team up with big-time cartoon characters in this all-star 3D baseball mash-up! The stars of Nicktoons join the stars of Major League Baseball for an unlikely baseball experience that’s nothin’ but fun. See SpongeBob take the mound at Fenway Park, have Ren and Stimpy patrol the outfield at Wrigley, and see if Robinson Cano can take Chum Chum yard. Play at real Major League parks and custom-created stadiums like Frosty Freeze Field. The player roster also features Zim, Fanboy, and Dudley Puppy, plus stars from all 30 Major League teams, including the Cardinal’s Matt Holiday, the Dodger’s Andre Ethier, the Braves’ Jason Heyward, and others.

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