Anarchy Reigns

Title: Anarchy Reigns
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 1/7/2013
Overview: This explosive mix of massive and mayhem throws together human and cyborg warriors, takes away all the rules, and challenges you to be the last one standing. Anarchy Reigns is close-quarters chaos in combat form, a furious fight for survival filled with over-the-top weapons and unforgettable finishing moves. Play as your choice of two characters in two single-player campaigns where you’ll fight to survive a post-apocalyptic world gone mad. Those who are most creative – and ruthless – have the best odds of surviving multiplayer co-op or every-man-for-himself battles. Real-time Action Trigger Events (think plane crashes and black holes) show up at random and push the action further over the edge.

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