Nickelodeon Fit

Title: Nickelodeon Fit
Publisher: Take Two
Platform: Wii
Genre: Strategy/Simulation
Release Date: 11/10/2010
Kids have plenty of opportunities to play as their favorite Nickelodeon characters. Now they have a chance to play with them! Nickelodeon Fit is filled with fun activities designed to help kids stay active and packed with familiar characters ready to help them do it. Kids can go river rafting with Diego, jump hurdles with Kai-lan, skip rope with the Backyardigans, and more in activities that promote balance, coordination, strength, and overall heart health. Parents can create routines, monitor BMI and MVPA, and see what activities their children use most. The game was developed with help from a child-fitness expert and is compatible with the Wii Remote or Balance Board.

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