Spongebob Boating Bash

Title: Spongebob Boating Bash
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Wii
Genre: Family/Party
Release Date: 3/2/2010
When SpongeBob signs up for lessons in boating safety, he and his friends are in for a real crash course! Compete to be the last boat standing in this crazy demolition-derby party game. SpongeBob desperately wants to get his boating license. After 78 tries, he’s tricked into signing up for a course that teaches him all the wrong moves. Pick a member of the Bikini Bottom gang to be your captain, then choose from six different boat-mobiles and customize your craft in over 100 ways. In typical bizarre SpongeBob fashion, this boat bash takes place on land. You’ll smash the competition in arenas throughout the world of Bikini Bottom.

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