Half-Minute Hero

Title: Half-Minute Hero
Publisher: Xseed Games
Platform: PSP
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 10/13/2009
You’ve got 30 seconds to save the world in this unique RPG. Half-Minute Hero packs an epic story, inspired characters, and high-stakes adventure into 30-second bursts. As the last hero wandering a land littered with crumbled ruins and fallen knights, you are humanity’s final hope in a war that’s waged for centuries. To succeed, you’ll need to transcend death and time. Think you can do that in 30 seconds? Give it a shot in Hero, Knight, Princess, and Evil Lord Modes – each with their own set of dangers. Destruction always looms at the end of the countdown clock, which gives you half-a-minute to complete the task you’re charged with.

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