Tales of Graces f

Title: Tales of Graces f
Publisher: Namco
Platform: PS3
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 3/13/2012
Overview: Explore an open world filled with dungeons, monsters, magic, and mystery in this anime-style RPG. On the planet Efinea, Asbel Lhant gathers his childhood friends and summons his strength. Both will be vital if he and those he loves are to survive the challenge to come. As war between three kingdoms engulfs the planet, Asbel and his friends eventually have no choice but to enter the fray. Switch seamlessly between fighting styles and dodge attacks using the Style Shift Linear Motion Battle System, then amp up the action by activating new techniques in Accelerate Mode. Up to three friends can jump in and join your party anytime with instant-on multiplayer.

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