Blitz: The League II

Title: Blitz: The League II
Publisher: Midway
Platform: PS3
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 10/15/2008
Football has plenty of rules to protect its players from injury. Blitz: the League throws them all out the window. The League returns for a second season of intense football action that makes the average football contest look like a lazy Sunday drive. Hard-hitting enhancements include a new Story Mode hatched from the mental playbook of Peter Egan, a writer for ESPNs gridiron drama “Playmakers.” You’ll also find an enhanced onfield Clash Mode, online multiplayer options, precision arm-tackles, and touchdown celebrations that you control. Rosters have been expanded and restocked with new characters. However, Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor does return, along with The League’s trademark post-whistle late hits.

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