Pangya: Fantasy Golf

Title: Pangya: Fantasy Golf
Publisher: Tomy
Platform: PSP
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 6/26/2009
Long ago, an Earthling came to the magical land of Pangya, where he saved the world and brought them golf. Now, humans are brought to Pangya by faeries to play in games on one of nine different courses! Choose you character from up to 18 unlockable ones. Dive into the instinctive control scheme to drive your ball down the fairway. As you win games, you’ll unlock different accessories, including clubs, outfits, and even a Papel, which is a walking, talking bag that keeps you company on the course. Play through the quirky storyline or play in Pangya Tour Mode, where you can compete for prizes after getting your license. Or grab some friends for some multiplayer fun!

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