Secret Agent Clank

Title: Secret Agent Clank
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PSP
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 6/19/2008
Take one diminutive robot, one best friend framed for a crime, and one bowtie-based projectile weapon. What do you get? Secret Agent Clank! Ratchet’s been locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, and rather than let his homey go down, Clank dons his spy gear and sets off to clear his friend’s name. Expect to solve puzzles as you dispatch enemies using weapons like the bowtie and exploding cuff-link bombs. Take on unique mini-games, such as stealth takedowns to get rid of guards and a rhythm game to avoid dangerous lasers. Additional characters will also be around to play, so don’t let Clank have all the fun!

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