Phantom Dust

Title: Phantom Dust
Publisher: Majesco
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 3/16/2005
Get in touch with your inner auras in Phantom Dust, an impressive arena combat adventure chock full of strategy and battle. Your world has been ravaged and you’re a lone survivor, suffering from amnesia due to some “phantom dust” in the atmosphere. Fortunately, the dust also bestows some unusual supernatural powers. As you fight to stay alive, you’ll need to strategize how and when to use your newfound abilities. When it’s time for combat, you’ll have access to select powers which will cost you aura points – red powers are attack maneuvers, blue powers are defense maneuvers, and white powers are one-use only items that beef up your aura points. There are more than 300 supernatural abilities to discover! Modes include single-player, multiplayer (online and offline), free-for-all, and tag team.

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