NFL Street 2

Title: NFL Street 2
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 12/24/2004
The gridiron returns to the gritty streets for a second season of no-holds-barred football in NFL Street 2! Crush your competition with even more style this year with one-handed grabs, ball strips, hurdle wraps, and other fresh Style moves. Seven new game modes and ten new fields introduce walls to the game, letting you pull all-new wall tricks you never thought possible: leap 15 feet off the wall for a catch, run the QB up the wall to open passing lanes, or wall-juke to avoid incoming defenders. Perform wall moves on key areas of every field to open up unlockables, gain style points, and claim arenas as your own. Take your team online to challenge the competition and find out who owns the streets of Bay City!

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