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  • Alien Defend
Title: Alien Defender
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Category: Adventure
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Description: Alien Defender is an Arcade Shooter game with elements of Turn Based Strategy, In this game You will have to take decision based on you current economy of fuel and energy and engage aliens fleet to defend you space station from being destroyed. Game Play Instructions: TURN BASED GAMEPLAY: Energy : Energy is the base of you game , keep it high to use your power Ups like laser guns plasma launcher and NUKES. Energy is also needed for warping from one galactic region to another. Gas stations : these are 4 urgent energy supply sources , they gives 200 Energy points without changing your turn , use them wisely because they can only be used once. Space Station : This is your mothership , which must be saved at all cost , it supplies you with 100 energy points per travel , an infinite energy source but ends your turn. Turn based system : When your turn ends , aliens moves around random galactic regions to find your Space station , so engage them before they find your mothership. Controls : Mouse Based TOP DOWN SHOOTER : when you engage your enemy in a particular galactic location the game changes from Turn Based Strategy to Top Down Shooter. In this mode use your reflexes and powers to defeat alien fleet.
Instructions: Controls : Z to fire bulletsnnX to change Current PowernnArrow keys to move left and right.nnRemmember powers use energy and if you ran out of energy , you will be lost in space forever , but dont feel limited to use them because if you are lucky , maybe some aliens drop some energy tanks for you Money Mouth.
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