RBI Baseball 2016

Title: RBI Baseball 2016
Publisher: Nighthawk Interactive
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 4/8/16
Overview: Get on deck for some super-realistic baseball action! RBI Baseball 16 improves on the popular series with better lighting and graphics, better defensive AI, and an enhanced batting system. Your teams and players come straight from the Big Leagues – the roster is based on the real MLB roster. Player lists update automatically to reflect real-life events over the course of the 2016 season. You can play individual games or run simulations for whole seasons. You’ll be able to perform new dives, wall catches, pump-fakes, and more. Plus, you can do it online – RBI 16 offers head-to-head online play as well as local play. If you’ve ever wanted to win the World Series, now’s your chance!

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