Ether One

Title: Ether One
Publisher: Soedesco
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 4/6/16
Overview: Welcome to Pinwheel, a picturesque seaside town in England, full of whimsy. You are a Restorer, tasked with diving into the mind of a 69-year-old patient diagnosed with dementia. This first-person adventure game is full of heart and earnest emotion. Ether One allows you to choose between two paths for gameplay exploration. One path allows you to wander the world freely at your own pace, letting the game patiently take you to the conclusion of the story. The other path leads you through a world of complex puzzles that you must solve. Delve deeper into the mind of the dementia patient to help reconstruct the memories of her past. Ether One is a unique game that takes you down the rabbit-hole of memory.

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