Title: Teslagrad
Publisher: Soedesco
Release Date: 10/17/15
Overview: From acclaimed indie developer Rain Games, Teslagrad is an innovative side-scrolling platformer. It features intricate puzzles, hand-drawn visuals, and an intriguing story that unfolds entirely without words. The hero of Teslagrad is the “Teslamancer,” a little guy who wields a huge amount of power. As you travel through the mysterious Tesla Tower, you’ll pick up ancient artifacts that change the nature of the world around you. The Magnet Glove lets you attract and repel metals. The Blink Boots can “blink” you through solid objects or space. You can reverse gravity with the Polarity Cloak and even wield the mighty Teslastaff itself. You’ll need all the tools you can get to survive – Teslagrad’s steampunk-style bosses are mighty and deadly. From the evocative visuals to the unique storytelling, this is everything great about indie games in one package.

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