Farming Simulator 16

Title: Farming Simulator 16
Publisher: Maximum Games
Genre:  Strategy/Simulation
Release Date: 10/16/15
Overview: Farming Simulator 16 may be the greatest farming video game in history. If you’ve ever dreamed of plowing the north 40, this is the game for you. Farming Simulator 16 has everything a virtual farmer could ask for. It features massive open-world farms, over 50 vehicles and tools, new crops to harvest, and you can even play with a friend in local multiplayer. If trees are blocking your land, no problem – cut ’em down with high-tech logging machinery. Once you’ve cleared a suitable plot, you can plant soybeans, corn, or other crops and drive your gleaming, officially licensed tractor to harvest nature’s bounty. Finally, take your produce to market and see if you can make a few bucks off all that hard work.

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