Need for Speed Rivals

Title: Need for Speed Rivals
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Xbox One
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 11/21/2013
Overview: Need for Speed: Rivals takes the open-world racing game genre to new levels. While the huge, open map, exotic cars, and high-speed police chases the series is known for are back, Rivals adds a new social system called AllDrive, which allows players to transition from playing alone, to playing with friends. Described as “destroying the line between single-player and multiplayer,” AllDrive allows for both co-op and competitive multiplayer. The game also features a dynamic weather system designed to make the world feel alive in a bigger sense than any previous Need for Speed game. The next-gen versions of Need for Speed: Rivals offer more than just improved visuals. Xbox One gamers will enjoy new weather effects, an increase in online player counts, and different ways of interacting with the game through the unique control elements of the Xbox One.

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