Need for Speed The Run

Title: Need for Speed The Run
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: 3DS
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 11/14/2011
Overview: Make a mad dash for survival in the greatest illegal street race of all: The Run. It starts in San Francisco, ends in New York, and breaks every law of the road in between. Survive, and you’ll finish the race. Win, and you’ll get to survive afterward. White-knuckle racing has you careening through environments from coast-to-coast while the story unfolds in 2D cutscenes. The competition isn’t limited to the drivers around you. The Autolog feature constantly tracks your performance. Even if you’re not in multiplayer, you’re always competing against your friends. If you need an instant head-to-head fix, post your times on StreetPass to see who you’re up against nearby.

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