NBA 2K14

Title: NBA 2K14
Publisher: 2K
Platform: Xbox One
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 11/19/2013
Overview: With music curated by NBA legend and cover athlete LeBron James, revamped controls, and realer-than-real presentation, NBA 2K14 has earned every one of the critical accolades it’s received. New additions to the series include Path to Greatness Mode that follows James to global b-ball domination, Euroleague play, and significant upgrades to player controls. NBA 2K14 expands last year’s popular Signature Skills, which let you assign moves like “pick-and-roll maestro,” “flashy passer,” and “one-man fast break” to players in order to create unique athletes with one-of-a-kind styles. The next-gen versions of NBA 2K14 feature improved visuals and gameplay, including AI that is better about spacing and with greater awareness on both offense and defense. Next-gen NBA 2K14 features more realistic, tangible ball-feel, a more lifelike blocking system, and other tweaks and improvements.

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