Diablo III

Title: Diablo III
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 8/31/2013
Overview: The end of the world is just the beginning in this underworld adventure where you’ll play as one of humanity’s last defenders. As Diablo III begins, a dark omen has risen: a fallen star signals that the End Times have come. Battle hordes of demonic creatures to stop the coming apocalypse in hack-and-slash RPG-style action. Fight as a barbarian, wizard, monk, witch doctor, or demon hunter and level up your character to unlock new powers as you face a seemingly never-ending parade of horrors. Make your stand solo or form a party with three friends, on or offline. The dynamic 3D battlefield environments are full of swarming enemies, hidden quests, and loads of valuable loot.

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