Record of Agarest War 2

Title: Record of Agarest War 2
Publisher: Aksys
Platform: PS3
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 6/28/2012
Overview: A day of unparalleled beauty brings untold destruction in this RPG where a man must pay for his crime against the gods. After a beautiful light unleashes destruction across the world, demons ravage those who survive. In the chaos, a man without a memory meets Eva, an Agent of the Divine. She tells him he has taken the life of a god. To pay for his sins, he will become the Vessel through which the fallen god will be reborn. Explore a redesigned HD world where you’ll meet your enemies on new grid-based battlegrounds. Interact with Agarest characters in new ways with three bonus PS Move-compatible mini-games: Bathtub, Shiatsu, and Massage.

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