National Geographic Challenge!

Title: National Geographic Challenge!
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment
Platform: Wii
Genre: Family/Party
Release Date: 12/13/2011
Overview: Pop quiz: What’s the trivia game with the most eye-popping visuals? You’re reading about it! Test your knowledge of nature in this quick-moving trivia game featuring the award-winning photography of National Geographic. The light-hearted fun is powered by over 4,000 questions in four themes: Amazing Planet, Aquatic Life, Dangerous Encounters, and Predator vs. Prey. Fifteen trivia challenges include memory, true/false, anagrams, odd one out, and more. Challenge friends in multiplayer or take a trivia trip around the world in Explorer Mode. The game features some of the best visual clues around, with over 2,000 high-res photos and 60 minutes of high-def video from the world-renowned National Geographic archives.

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