Zumba Fitness 2

Title: Zumba Fitness 2
Publisher: Majesco
Platform: Wii
Genre: Music/Dance
Release Date: 11/15/2011
Overview: NOTE: The Wii Remote Belt is included with purchase of this title, but not with rental.

The Zumba fitness craze is still going strong. This second Zumba experience for Wii means your workout can keep up! Get moving in invigorating, high-calorie-burning, dance-based workouts. Choose from 20 different dance styles including Salsa and Reggaeton, plus new additions Latin Pop, Bellydance, Axe, and more. Learn how it works in the Learn the Steps Tutorial. Workout to 30 different tracks in Single Song Mode. Take a class from experts including Zumba founder Beto. You can even work out with friends in four-player Zumba Party Mode. The game tracks the calories you burn, grades your moves, and shows off the trophies you earn on your way to better fitness.

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