Tony Hawk: Shred

Title: Tony Hawk: Shred
Publisher: Activision
Platform: PS3
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 10/26/2010

NOTE: Gameplay requires a Board Controller. Game does not include a Board Controller with rental or purchase.
In this Tony Hawk skate and snowboard experience, the instruction manual is as long as the title: Shred! The idea may be simple but the moves are bigger than ever. Perform some of the most amazing tricks you’ve ever seen with motion-sensing skateboard and snowboard controls. Soar over huge gaps, nail massive drops, and ride out insane roller coaster grinds on your skateboard. Rocket down mountain peaks at top speeds on your snowboard, grabbing air on courses full of chances to spin, flip, and perform other tricks. The controls are designed to be so simple, all you have to do is hop on your board and ride.

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