NHL 2K11

Title: NHL 2K11
Publisher: Take Two
Platform: Wii
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 8/23/2010
Hoist the Cup as your favorite NHL star or as your Mii in this game that lets you find out what it feels like to be on NHL ice. NHL 2K11 harnesses the power of Wii MotionPlus to give you an incredibly responsive puck-handling experience. Unleash slapshots, snap off quick-wristers, juggle pucks, and more, all in real time. Get full online support with head-to-head games, online leagues, tourneys, pick-up games, ongoing custom teams, WiiSpeak capability, and more. If you’d really like to see yourself on skates, have your Mii travel the Road to the Cup. You’ll compete against other Miis in mini-games, trivia contests, and other arcade-style challenges.

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