Gran Turismo 5

Title: Gran Turismo 5
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PS3
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 11/23/2010
When you get behind the wheel in Gran Turismo 5, keep reminding yourself: The cars aren’t real, and the repair bills aren’t either! Sony’s flagship racer rolls out another remarkable edition, adding real-life damage to the most comprehensive racing experience around. Choose from 950 different cars, including the latest Hybrid and electric models, each re-created with stunning technical precision and breathtaking realism. This time, not only do the cars look real, but, thanks to a new physics engine, they’ll get dinged, dented, and smashed-up just like their real-life counterparts. Race in 20 locations featuring 70 track layouts, challenge friends in split-screen races, and post your favorite replays on YouTube.

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