Kinect Joyride

Title: Kinect Joyride
Publisher: Microsoft
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 11/3/2010

NOTE: This title requires the Kinect Sensor for gameplay. The Kinect Sensor is not included with rental or purchase of this title.
Airbags will now come standard in every living room thanks to this first game to offer full-body racing. Go for a wild ride using your own movements and motions in Kinect Joyride. Guide your racer by pumping your hands for speed, twisting your body for turns, and perform jumps, barrel rolls, and other stunts by sending your body flying. Take a co-pilot along for the ride in co-op play or compete in eight-driver head-to-head races. You’ll drive on six incredible courses in the first racer where taking your hands off the wheel is not only encouraged, it’s the only way to play.

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