Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party

Title: Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Wii
Genre: Family/Party
Release Date: 10/23/2009
Throw a slumber party you’ll never forget in Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party. Join your new best friends the Charm Girls by customizing your own character in your own unique style. Choose from the trendiest fashions and create the perfect look from head to toe. After that, it’s party time! Giggle your way through 30 bubbly games like Bed Bounce, Pillow Fight, and Speed Hair Teasing. The Charm Girls will guide you through the game, helping you solve problems and getting your back when the evil Queen B’s try to get in the way. You can party with the Charm Girls, or invite up to seven friends to your virtual sleepover.

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