Puffins: Island Adventure

Title: Puffins: Island Adventure
Publisher: Majesco
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 5/30/2009
Get to know one of the animal kingdom’s most adorable members in this fantastical Island Adventure. Become part of the Puffin Flock and dive, swim, fly, and start a family on your island home! Take part in over 100 mini-games built around things Puffins do everyday. Conquer the Puffin 500, Egg Roll, Tide Pool Fishing, and other challenges to boost your standing within the flock and unlock pictures and videos of puffins in their natural habitat. You’ll find the mini-games as you explore the Puffin Niche, where you’ll also meet other puffins, go on quests, get tips, and much more.

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