Hail to the Chimp

Title: Hail to the Chimp
Publisher: Gamecock Media Group
Platform: PS3
Genre: Arcade/Puzzle
Release Date: 7/2/2008
Ever wondered who would win if a polar bear and a jellyfish went to battle against an armadillo and a yak? Here’s your chance to finally find out! Fight to rule the animal kingdom in this oddball party game. After the King of the Animals resigns in shame, a group of animals begins an all-out brawl to take the crown. Choose from ten characters, including Crackers the sneaky monkey and Ptolemy the powerful hippo – each with specific strengths, unique strategies, and an unchecked lust for power. Battles blend cooperation and competition in addictive and action-packed play across three modes: single-player, four-player local, and online head-to-head.

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