Digimon World Data Squad

Title: Digimon World Data Squad
Publisher: Namco
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 9/20/2007
Here’s your chance to join the super-secret Data Squad and battle evil on an incredible Digimon Adventure! Kids are mysteriously disappearing, and 14-year-old Marcus Damon and his DATS team are investigating. Help Marcus and his squad track down the missing kids and defeat Seven Demon Kings in 12 digi-stages. Collect and train over 140 Digimon and use more than 250 items that’ll help you battle evil and solve puzzles. World Data Squad features cel-shaded animation, voice actors from the TV show, and an easy-to-use Digivolution system to evolve your Digimon. And don’t forget about the unique emotion engine that lets Digimon detail battle plans and react to how you treat them.

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