Sniper Elite

Title: Sniper Elite
Publisher: Namco
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Shooter
Release Date: 10/19/2005
It is spring, 1945, the final days of World War II. A furious battle rages for control of Berlin. The Russian Secret Service has descended upon the city to steal plans for the A-bomb. You’re invisible, elite, and working alone, with the fate of the world entirely in your hands. Infiltrate enemy-occupied territory and stop Stalin’s forces from harnessing the world’s nuclear technology. Roam freely through war-torn Berlin in extensive, non-linear levels across three modes of play – Single-Player, Co-Op, and Multiplayer Network. Learn to account for heart rate, posture, wind speed and even your breath, to hone your skills and complete 28 missions in this thrilling sniper simulator.

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