Rock Band 4

Title: Rock Band 4
Publisher: Harmonix
Release Date: 10/14/15
Overview: NOTE: Gameplay requires a drum or guitar controller. Rock Band 4 supports most PS3 Rock Band and third-party wireless guitars and drums. Game does not include drum or guitar controller with rental or purchase.
This new addition to the Rock Band franchise turns the music-game genre up to 11. While the graphics have been updated for current consoles, Rock Band 4 still contains everything fans love about the series. It lets you live the life of a rock star, complete with world tours, adoring fans, and lots of music. For the most part, the gameplay Rock Band is known for remains the same, but there’s a huge new wrinkle – actual guitar solos. During the solo sections, you can use your plastic axe to create original solos, racking up scores and combos by laying down song-appropriate licks. Up to four can play at once, and players can choose from drums, guitar, bass, or vocals. Rock Band 4’s eclectic track list contains everything from Elvis Presley to The Black Keys.

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