Moco Moco Friends

Title: Moco Moco Friends
Publisher: Aksys
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 12/5/15
Overview: Become the ultimate Plushkin Master in this adventure-RPG where you aim to banish evil from the magical land of Dreamtopia. Befriend and collect up to 120 types of Plushkin monsters and evolve your Plushkins to help you battle your enemies. Explore all that the rich world of Dreamtopia has to offer by using the town portal to travel deep into dungeons with your Plushkin companions. You can collect items and tend to your crops in a place called The Garden, and your crops will continue to grow in real time while your 3DS is powered off. Rainbows, puffy clouds, and cuddly monsters in a colorful, cute world – what more could you ask for?

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