Tetris Ultimate

Title: Tetris Ultimate
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Arcade/Puzzle
Release Date: 6/13/15
Overview: The classic puzzle game of falling blocks is back and this version takes Tetris seriously. Designed and built to provide the best Tetris experience possible, Tetris Ultimate features six exciting modes for you to enjoy on your PS Vita. Battle Ultimate Mode features crazy power-ups like Let It Rain, where you dump garbage on top of your opponents, and Buzz Saw, which clears away your lines instantly. Head-to-head games enable you to test your Tetris skills with up to four players online, or you can play co-op and team up against others. See if your Tetris skills are truly great with worldwide leaderboards that let you compare your play against the best Tetris players on the planet. In other words, Tetris Ultimate truly is the ultimate Tetris experience.

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